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Diana Johnson learned about God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit at a very young age. She was baptized as an infant and learned the basics of traditional Christianity at home, school and church. While training as a Holy Communion lay adult minister in a historical Pennsylvania parish, Diana became aware of the concept of threes in the church. The Trinitarian nature of the Catholic Church displayed so beautifully in the three folds in the corporals and purificators at the altar, in the details and architecture all around her simply captivated her.


During her years in Akron, Ohio, she attended a parish whose French patron, Bishop Hilary de Poitiers, avidly defended the Holy Trinity against the heresies of his time. God Likes 3 was quietly taking seed in her mind and heart. One day, her spiritual director casually remarked, “I think God’s favorite number is 3.” This comment strongly compelled her to write her story.


The recurrences of three in the Bible seemed endless to her. She attempted, but soon realized it was simply impossible, to include all of them in a children’s picture book. One day, while designing the back cover of the book, she asked Jesus: “What is this book about? Is it about threes?” She distinctly heard: “This book is a celebration of the Holy Trinity!”


Diana has been celebrating the Holy Trinity ever since and invites the world’s children to join her in this perennial celebration!


Diana María Johnson, Author and Publisher


Diana is a creative artist, educator and project consultant. She enjoys writing, dancing, and sharing her Christian faith. Diana has launched and directed prayer groups and faith based programs for youth and adults, and often utilizes the arts as a vehicle of God’s grace. She resides with her family in Newport News, Virginia. This is her first book.


Kawser Hossain Santo, Illustrator


Kawser Santo is an experienced illustrator and expert graphic designer. He works with clients worldwide and has developed a reputation for his beautiful designs and excellent digital artistry. He resides in Khulna, Bangladesh.


Mary Sayler, Editor


Mary is a poet, writer, and lifelong lover of Christ, the Bible, and the church. She has placed 27 traditionally published books, 3 Kindle e-books, and over 1500 poems, articles, devotionals, or children’s stories with Christian or educational publishers. She also blogs about the Bible, writing, and poetry, and offers critiques works through her website http://www.marysayler.com.


Victoria Grieshammer, Editor


Victoria is a writer currently working in the digital marketing industry as the Head of Marketing in the Manufacturing Department at Fathom. Her varied writing experience includes literary criticism and academic writing, scientific writing, and copy writing.  Residing in Cleveland, Ohio, Victoria is an avid reader, photographer, and runner.


Averitas, Publishing Partner


Averitas Strategic Business Associates, LLC, provides management consulting and temporary business management services to companies in manufacturing, marketing and service industries. The company’s mission is to serve as a catalyst for profitable growth for its client companies. Averitas corporate philosophy includes giving back and engaging in worthy community projects.




The publishing team acknowledges a host of family, friends, clergy, and lovers of Christ who have contributed through their gifts and talents to the publication and promotion of this book.



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